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How to Get Your Board of Directors on the Same Page

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In board meetings directors present their diverse perspectives and discuss various ideas to reach a consensus. These could be issues pertaining to the company’s policies, managerial appointments as well as responding to emergencies. It’s more difficult than it appears to reach a consensus. It’s almost impossible to take important decisions without the backing of your board, and getting everyone on the same page can be a daunting task.

The first step is to establish the structure that will ensure that each meeting will yield the best results. This includes sending out the meeting materials at least a week prior to the meeting so boardroomcommunity.com/ that attendees have time to read and comprehend them. Additionally, many boards now have an expectation of having an internal meeting prior to the actual board meeting where they discuss agenda items ahead of time.

The next step is to make sure that the purpose of the meeting is clearly defined. This helps keep the meeting focused and drive discussion, while ensuring the board’s decision making processes are transparent.

Encourage participation by soliciting feedback at the end of each meeting. This will help you determine and resolve any issues in the way your board functions and help them stay on course to meet their goals. This can be done by surveys, anonymous polls or facilitated discussion.

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